TALCO – Videogame Tour

20. Januar // Sa. // 20:00 // Saal // Konzert


Präsentiert von: Destiny Tourbooking, HFMN Crew, OX Fanzine, livegigs.de, AWAY FROM LIFE

TALCO, the most important and well known Italian punk-rock band of our times can look back on a history of over 18 years, eight studio albums, uncountable sold-out club shows and intense festival appearances all over Europe.

It is the highly infectious punkchanka style, a progressive blend of punk-rock, folk-, latin- and ska-music, i.e. TALCO’s trademark, that makes sure people across Europe dance themselves mental.

However, TALCO is far more than just a fun-spreading party-band. Their lyrics dive deep into existential human questions like the concept of truth, human degradation and self-worth. Further, TALCO constantly broaches the issue of political drawbacks and social failures – a result of a degraded social development in nowadays modern society.

TALCO is an international punk-rock band infused with brass, folk, and latin elements that raises its voice and jolts entire Europe with their music and their message!

€ 28,00 zzgl, Gebühr