Forró Dakiel Party

23. August // Fr. // 20:30 // Roter Salon // Party


[EN below] Wir freuen uns darauf, euch diese drei international anerkannten Musiker zusammen in einer Nacht voller Forró und brasilianischer Fusion in Kiel präsentieren zu dürfen!
Um 20:30 Uhr werden diejenigen, die neu in der Forrówelt sind, die Chance haben, in einem Schnupperkurs die Basics für einen tollen Tanzabend zu erlernen! Ihr braucht keine feste TanzpartnerIn und wir tanzen barfuß bzw. mit flachen Schuhen. Bitte keine High Heels!

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[EN] We are excited to present three internationally acclaimed musicians, coming together for an amazing Forró and Brazilian fusion night in Kiel!
A Forró crash course at 20:30 from Forró Dakiel will make sure you can expect to have an amazing evening! No need to bring a dancing partner, and we dance barefoot or with flat shoes (no high heels, please!).

Freshly back from her tour in Brazil, Rosa Morena Russa will be playing not only Forró and Samba, but also some of her own creations that have won praises from critics and love from the audience in three continents. Her music is a mix of influences from her Russian Jewish upbringing and her time in Rio, where she breathed Samba and Choro, playing with some of the most well-known names. Rosa’s new album, Trick Trague, has won critical applause and she is equally at ease in performing in places like Laieszhalle and smaller venues.

AnniMa is a Brazilian guitarist, singer, bass player, composer and producer from Nitéroi in Rio de Janeiro, living in Prague. He inherited Italian roots from his father and love for music from his mother. After starting to play bass at the age of 16, two years later he started his career as the frontman, singer and bass-player of his own band, playing in bars, clubs, universities, and festivals of Rio. He has countless concerts behind him and is working on his third album, Rainy Days. His works represent his personal worship of Brazilian musical diversity: Forró, Samba, Bossa Nova among many – all spiced up by pop, jazz, and funk.

Joined by Emerson on Zabumba: describing him is unnecessary to those who have seen him playing with Forroxodó in the very first Forró concert in Kiel! Emerson started his career with the Samba school „Vai Vai“, multiple winner of São Paulo carnival, and has more than two decades of experience as a professional percussionist. Not many can boast three successful careers in different countries (Brazil, Chile, and Germany), and his band Emersound showcases his talent not only in percussion, but also as a singer, mixing his Colombian and Brazilian roots with his German experience.

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