COPIA + Silence is Betrayal + Days to End

26. Oktober // Do. // 19:30 // Roter Salon // Konzert



A journey 1000 miles begins with a single step.

Returning home from Europe for a fifth time, COPIA have spent the Australian summer constructing a more polished follow-up to their independently released inaugural album Eleven:Eleven. EPOCH, their 2017 released album, features crushing guitar riffs, poly-rhythmic/ technical percussion, well thought out bass grooves & gritty vocals – all rolled together in a modern, yet somewhat reminiscently old school method artistic finesse – helped by studio engineers Chris Blancato & William Putney.

Sharing the stage with the likes of ‚Northlane‘ in Russia and booking their own headline tours across Germany & Switzerland, it wasn’t long before the COPIA boys became a word of mouth hit all over Europe with fans travelling from Belgium, Holland, France & Austria to see the live show. Arriving back in Australia and headlining tours through major cities as well as playing alongside ‚Dream On, Dreamer‘, saw COPIA develop a charismatic reputation on and off the stage through a combination of their own youthful energy & unique business minded approaches.

Many of their singles including ’Hostility’, ‘Disconnected’, ‘Watching’ & ‘Never Forget‘ have been playlisted on Lochlan Watt’s programme ‘The Racket’ on popular Aussie radio station Triple J. Being featured on many review blogs such as Pitchfork, Heavy Mag, Killyourstereo & Metal Obsession has aided COPIA in being an international hit in both Australia & Europe.

Since the bands formation in 2013, COPIA have sold in excess of 27,000 hard copies of Eleven:Eleven, in excess of 7000 hard copies of their 2016 compilation CD ‘THE PLEDGE’ & have currently sold 5000+ hard copies of their 2017 released album ‘EPOCH’. As well as this, they have accumulated a further 67,000 plays via streaming services, exceeded 10,000 plays on Bandcamp & 450,000 combined listens on YouTube. This is only a small indication of the growing popularity of COPIA.

Edge of Ever –

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